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My dogs have free access to the house when they are not out in the large fields running and playing.

All my dogs are a part of my family – the couch and the bed are in no way off limits and are often a favorite spot for their beauty sleep.


My dogs have an active life with a good part of physical and mental work which is a must when you own an Aussie.

They participate in “my language school for dogs” one or two times a week. And this goes for ALL my dogs – dogs as well as bitches are able to interact with other dogs of both sex and of all sizes and ages.


Naturally they also get long walks outside the property several times a week and they all participate in different kinds of training.


Although I have a lot of dogs listed on my website, many of kennel Leading Angel’s dogs are living with loving co/owners. Mostly my males are living in Co/owners homes but a few of the bitches are too. I still see them on a weekly basis as they are here at my dog school, getting ready for shows or dog-sitting. I am very grateful for the friends I have in my LA team     

.Dansk udgave

Kennel Leading Angel’s are located at Ellevej 3 near the small town Veksø. Veksø is situated north of Roskilde and west of ballerup, only 25 min drive from Copenhagen. The house is a small farmhouse and it is located on a plot of 22.000 m2.


The house is also the place from where I run my business – Dyreoasen. I have my own fenced in training field were my obedience training, handler training, Rally-O, agility and “my language school for dogs” takes place.


There is a parking lot and two large fenced in fields where my dogs can run freely while I work in my grooming salon. My grooming salon is part located in part of the house from which I also have a small store were I sell quality products for dog grooming.


My puppies are born and raised in the house. The first 2-3 weeks they are in my bed room and after that they are moved to my living room in the middle of the house. There they are off course the center of attention.

The puppies are with their mother and one dog until the leave to their new families 9 weeks old. I have built a very nice “puppy sensing garden” and it is very important for me that my puppies have as many positive experiences as possible while still staying with me in a secure environment.

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